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American Taste Test Champion

Winning product of American Masters of Taste Award

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Move over Risotto, there's a new grain in town!

We've replaced the rice in Risotto with our whole grain Farro for a revolutionary dish! It's what we like to call Farrotto, and it is delicious! Farro absorbs a ton of flavor while it cooks, and reaches the same rich and creamy texture as Risotto… in half the time!


Our new Farrotto boxes come in 3 tasty combinations, each with a gourmet blend of vegetables and spices so you are guaranteed delicious results every time! In Asparagus & Spices, Porcini Mushrooms, and Zucchini & Peas, there's a Farrotto flavor for your every craving. Just add water and olive oil to our all-natural, flavorful mixes, boil for 15 minutes, and enjoy. Buon Appetito!

American Masters of Taste

U.S.A. Taste Champions

Masters of Taste Chefs judged our products and we clearly emerged as a U.S.A. Taste Champion.



1. Farrotto Porcini Mushroom

Nice umami flavor from mushrooms
Interesting oat shapes
Soft, but still chewy with nice light brown color
Nutty flavor and mushroom taste comes through in just the right amount
Porcinis plumped up well
Mushrooms added visual dimension to the mix


2. Farrotto Asparagus & Spices

Tender bite
Mellow asparagus flavor came through
Farrotto has a unique, pleasing texture and mouthfeel with nice little bits of asparagus
Adding fresh, steamed asparagus with lemon zest would be a nice addition
Would complement seafood well



3. Farrotto Zucchini & Peas

Cooked perfectly with little effort
Peas and zucchini hydrated and plumped up well
Good overall appearance and mouthfeel
Proof that vegetables beyond peas and carrots can be used well in dried mixes
Once again, a great starter to add additional similar steamed or stir fried vegetables, squash for example