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Farro vs White Rice: The Choice Is Obvious

White rice has been a staple in kitchens across the globe for hundreds of years. You probably have some sitting in your cabinet right now, but is white rice really your best option? There are better and healthier options all around you! We decided to compare white rice to one of history’s oldest ancient grains, Farro.

Nutritional Value

In just a ¼ cup, farro has almost twice as much protein as white rice. You would need to eat almost 2 cups of white rice to reach the 8 grams of protein in just a ¼ cup of farro. That same serving of farro also contains 10% of your daily iron needs, while white rice has only 2%. Iron plays an important role in the production of red blood cells, which are key to maintaining lots of natural energy. For working and active adults, getting plenty of iron in your diet is one of the best ways to stay healthy, despite a vigorous and busy lifestyle.

Health Benefits

If the nutritional value of farro hasn’t convinced you, consider the health benefits! Did you know Farro has been shown to lower cholesterol and maintain blood sugar? The high calcium content helps with bone growth and cell function. According to the U.S. Whole Grains Council, eating 100 percent whole grains (such as Farro) reduces the risk of a stroke by more than 30% and lowers the risk for heart disease.


From farro lasagnas and soups to farro salads, this grain can be used in almost every savory dish imaginable. Farro has been a staple in many Mediterranean countries for centuries, but has just recently become popular in the United States. This may be partly due to the increasing number of studies that have proven whole grains to be an essential part of a healthy diet.


Farro has a bolder and nuttier flavor than white rice. The delicious flavor is so apparent that you don’t even have to add anything to it. It can be served as a delicious side or you can include it within the main course. The texture is tender and fills you up quickly, which helps with maintaining a healthy weight.

The choice is obvious. Farro outperforms white rice in almost every way! So the next time you are planning dinner, think about your options. Make this year the best one yet!

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